Following on from my videos made at Tulchan’s A & B Beats, here is Tulchan D which I hope you take pleasure in. This beat, on the splendid River Spey in Scotland, is actually complete of great salmon and sea-trout swimming pools and streams; a fly fishers dream. This video takes a look at a couple of views and has some browsing casts over the secret swimming pools of the lower part of the beat, from the splendid Tulchan D Hut basing on the North bank of the Cragganmore Swimming pool downstream to the wonderful and really efficient March Swimming pool at the end of the beat where I get a great fresh Sea Trout which remained in truth the really last cast of another terrific day for me on the Spey at Tulchan.

The music, as utilized for my other videos in the Tulchan series, is “Lonely Opportunity” by the extremely gifted “126 ers”.