Through the years we got a country home and then moved to the lake house we are currently occupying. Every time we moved the fishing stuff my husband had seemed to be multiplying. Since we live on a lake now there is fishing stuff all around us. Having so many items, we had to think of a system that would organize them and will enable my husband to find what he needed. Apart from that, it would mean I got the house cleaned of fishing stuff.

My husband has subscriptions for several magazines and catalogues offering a wide variety of hunting and fishing supplies. One day I had a glimpse of one magazine and found a fishing holder which would hold up to eight fishing rods. I immediately ordered two of them so that my husbands rods would be organized. Then I bought a closet with shelving on one side and a rod for hanging clothes on the other. The piece of furniture was made of sturdy plastic and would just fit in the corner of our garage.

After returning home with the new purchase I set up the closet. I placed my husbands fishing tackle on the shelves and hung his raingear, life jacket and other fishing and hunting clothing on the clothing rod. As soon as I got the rod holders delivered I placed all of his fishing rods and they found their place right next to the closet. I also put his filet knives at a box which I placed in the closet. The last thing I bought for the fishing stuff my husband has is a small refrigerator which stood on the other side of the closet. He can store his live bait and some beverages in it when being in the boat.

I am really happy that I managed to organize all the fishing stuff without much botherScience Articles, and what is more important without having to pay too much. My husband has to buy a lock box for the boat electronics and everything will be organized. I also made a point when talking to my husband that his closet is full but he still keeps on reading the magazines and catalogues he gets monthly with anticipation.