Wish to discover the art of Spey Casting with a two-hand fishing pole? Come sign up with Costs Lowe, lead Spey casting trainer at the Leland Fly Fishing Cattle Ranch in Sonoma California. Our 13 acre center in red wine nation is the ideal location to loosen up, unwind and find out the art of Spey casting. Well cover that essentials in method by beginning with a single hand fishing pole. Youll discover how to appropriately form a loop. Well then relocate to a bigger single hand fishing pole and once again practice forming tight loops with overhead casting and roll casting. With the fundamental foundation in location, well transfer to a two-hand fishing pole. Your abilities will now efficiently shift to the longer 2 hand fishing pole. Youll leave your day at our cattle ranch, unwinded, revitalized and all set to master the stunning art kind of Spey casting. All devices is offered throughout your day. For more details on rates and dates, visit us at or call us toll-free at 866-672-1959 to talk to among our experienced employee. Well take fantastic care of you!