Thanks for enjoying another episode of Shame River Outfitter Store Talk! Today we will be talking about the different kinds of two-handed lines from heads and running lines to incorporated systems from standard to advanced.

Some take aways from this episode consist of:
– Discover what Scandi and Skagit heads are and how they vary.
– When to utilize Scandi or Skagit Lines.
– When to select drifting, intermediate or sinking lines.
– What are the taper distinctions in lines and when to use them on a two-handed fly fishing system.
– When to utilize a basic complete length leader or a suggestion and fluorocarbon brief leader.
– What lines to utilize in high water vs low water.
– When to utilize which systems when fly fishing for steelhead and trout.
– Common line systems for Fantastic Lakes steelhead.
– What head lengths to utilize and why.
– Distinctions with basic running lines vs monofilament.
– Size distinctions for running lines.
– Loop to loop systems vs incorporated lines.
– Mono running line and altering out heads for a provided scenario
– Best lines and systems for any offered application

CRO Store talk is a fly fishing video series checking out fly fishing equipment, strategies, fish habits, regional fishing and beyond! In this, the very first episode of Irritation River Outfitter Store Talk, owner and experienced angler Dan Pribanic takes a seat with switch and spey master Jeff Liskay to talk about the whatever you require to understand about two-handed fly fishing pole and Reels utilized for fishing for both migratory steelhead and trout. If you have more concerns state tuned for our future episodes and constantly do not hesitate to call us at the store or drop in if you have any concerns about fly fishing, or aiming to schedule a directed journey with Northeast Ohio’s premier outfitter.

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