” What would life resemble without spey casting? An unthinkable and unquantifiable concern, obviously. Modern double hand fishing pole are created for spey casting. At Scierra, we develop them for Scandinavian design shooting heads, however outstanding spey rods will manage all type of fly lines and, in all modesty, we create exceptional fishing pole. The supreme test for our hardest double hand rods is a spey cast competitors shooting head of 23 meters and 66 grams. The 15 footer checked in this video, is the last model of a brand name brand-new rod that will be launched in 2017; a double hander with a complete action, a smooth flexing curve and quick healing speed. As you can see, it manages the long and heavy line without issues and passes the test with flying honors. Notification the variety of movement required for long lines like this. Utilizing the lower hand as the primary “engine” is insufficient. We need to integrate both hands.

PS! When spey casting, the longer the shooting head, the much heavier it can be. That’s why a rod created for Scandinavian design shooting heads of 37 to 43 grams (depending upon the length) might likewise manage a significantly much heavier (and longer) one.

To put it simply, this 15 foot rod will be readily available in simply a couple of months and it will be a best option for the much heavier sort of double hand fly fishing, particularly when we’re speaking about sinking lines.

In the meantime: Tight lines!”

– Mathias Lilleheim.