The 5th episode of season 2 of RIO’s “How To” series functions RIO brand name supervisor Simon Gawesworth discussing and showing the fundamentals of Spey casting with a single handed rod. This movie does not look into any specific Spey cast, rather it reveals the idea of how to make a Spey cast with a single-handed rod, and lays an extremely strong structure for enhancing casting abilities.

Numerous fly fishers think that Spey casting is a tool just for salmon and steelhead anglers, and for utilizing with long, two-handed rods, however Simon demonstrates how crucial it is for trout anglers to have an understanding of the Spey cast in their armory. In addition, Simon describes how this understanding can assist a caster make more effective casts with blockages behind, make angle modifications with ease, and presents the advancement a caster ought to go through kind the modest roll cast, to the effective single handed Spey casts.

RIO’s “How To” videos are a series of brief movies that discuss all you require to understand to discover a specific method to fish, or cast. Where relevant, each movie talks through the equipment that you require, demonstrates how to rig the equipment, how to check out the water, and how to fish that specific method. These instructional movies are loaded with info and leading pointers developed to enhance the understanding and ability level of all fly fishers. Every one is purchased to you by a RIO staff member or a RIO brand name ambassador.


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