A couple of pointers and techniques for starting single hand spey casters or single hand Skagit casters utilizing opst skagit commando head and drifting micro idea. I likewise discuss Rio Trout Max Short, Rio Single hand spey line, Rio single hand trout line, Airflo skagit scout, airflo 40 plus. I capture a couple of bass and crappie removing a woolie bugger in a public pond utilizing numerous various spey casts and skagit casts with one hand and with 2 hands.
Utilizing underhand strategies sometimes, skagit casts, and spey casts I do Snap T, perry poke, single spey, double spey, weak hand up, cache handed Roll cast, cache handed snake roll and single spey, an aerial breeze T, (I believe, lol) and a reverses spiral spey and some double spiral casts. We talk about casting light and heavy payloads of drifting pointers and light flies, fragile discussions of dry flies to picky trout, strategies and Skagit heads for casting heavy sink suggestions and weighted banners, carrying on the sweep, transporting on the forward cast, novice strategies for finding out one-handed spey casting and innovative methods such as double haul spey casts and overhead casting Skagit lines.