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NRX is the conclusion of what G. Loomis has actually been doing considering that the first day. They have actually been continuously making every effort to develop the very best rod on earth. Laminates, resin, mandrels, elements and the understand how you get out of them. These NRX rods appear like absolutely nothing and feel much better than anything they have actually developed prior to. We aren’t discussing a little much better here or a little lighter there– this is the very best fishing pole G. Loomis has actually ever developed, in their words.

– Rods that feel and look much better than anything else
– Nano-silica resin system increases strength and resilience drastically without compromising efficiency
The severe level of fishing pole efficiency: exceptionally light, remarkably strong
The greatest modulus graphite product G Loomis has actually ever utilized
Quick tapers develop high line-speed for amazing casting range and line control
Quick recuperate and real tracking

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