Having the ability to Spey cast permits us to continue to fish in some extremely uncomfortable circumstances. Even in locations with some space, Spey casting prevents hanging flies up in trees and in bank side bushes.

In this series we will take a look at the Roll Cast, Single Spey, Snake Roll, Double Spey and the Circle Spey. I have actually streamlined the direction and removed these casts down to their essentials.

For anybody wanting to find out Spey casting for the very first time, it’s in fact simpler to Spey cast with one hand rather of 2. We associate Spey casting with two-handed rods, however Spey casts can really be carried out with any fishing pole.

In this example I’m utilizing a G. Loomis NRX 8′ 6″ 4 wt. lined with an AFFTA basic 4 wt. trout line. Specialized lines are not required for Spey casting. The lines we have on our rods today, will get the job done.