Spey vs Change Rods and Spey Casting Benefits

Ever questioned why one would Spey Cast in particular circumstances versus standard single hand rod strategies? Spey casting uses benefits over a typical fishing pole when you are wishing to cover more water whether it be swinging or nymphing. Making use of 2 hands on the manage, longer rod lengths, and larger fly lines, Spey or switch rods have the capability to cast more ranges and utilize much heavier rigs with ease. The other terrific feature of spey is the majority of the cast remains in front of the angler enabling angler to cast while tight versus brush or trees.

In part among this video I go over the distinctions in between Spey and switch rods and the applications they are much better fit for. For sequel I cover 4 benefits that Spey casting has more than conventional single hand approaches.

Hope this assists you comprehend the distinction in between Spey and change rods and a few of the benefits it can have for you in your fishing toolbox!

Thanks for enjoying!


Sean Visintainer
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