Video that reveals why we like one handed spey casting and the fishing pole and reels we utilize, what led us to one handed spey casting Change Rods, and after that Trout Rod for the majority of our fly fishing expedition now.

We learnt more about spey lines, spey casting, and Change Rods after hurting a shoulder. Regular overhead and side casts hurt. We were destined waiting on the shoulder to recover.

We attempted a Change Rod and found numerous casting strategies that permitted the rod hand to remain listed below the shoulder and felt no discomfort when casting.

Later on, we saw a video of a fly angler utilizing the OPST Task force Head with just 1/2 of a 9′ 5wt Fishing Pole. In the video, he was getting extraordinary casts with just a “4 and a half” foot rod!

With that we chose to attempt the OPST Task force Head on our preferred fishing pole … a 9′ 5wt Redington Classic Trout fishing pole. This mix offered the very same advantages as the Change Rod however in a more compact plan!

Consequently, we mostly utilize the 6wt Change Rod and the 5wt Fishing Pole for our fly fishing expedition.

Do take a look at the video and discover why we like the one-handed spey casting principle!

PS …
Given that we like fishing more than fly casting, included clips of fishing expedition where we utilized the Change Rod and the 5wt Fishing pole to capture a trout or more!

And, we consisted of a demonstration of the RIO Trout Max being utilized on a 4wt 8′ Redington Pursuit Fishing Pole. Able to shoot fly line the required range to where the trout were hiding!

Lamson Liquid 4 Fly Reel:
Rio Change InTouch Chucker Line # 5:
Cabelas TLR Change Rod (11′ -4 pc-6wt/ Design TLR-1106 -4)

Echo Ion Fly Reel 4/5 wt:
Redington Classic Trout Fishing Pole (9′ -4 pc-5wt):
OPST Task Force Head (200 grain):
OPST Lazarline Running Line:

Ross Flystart 2: No longer offered
Echo Ion 2/3 Fly Reel (alternative):
Redington Pursuit Fishing Pole (8′ -2 pc-4wt): No longer offered
Redington Classict Trout (8′ -2 pc-4wt alternative):
Rio Trout Max (200 grain):
Rio SlickShooter Running Line (35 pounds):

Suggested Setup for One Handed Spey Casting:
9′ 6wt TFO Pro II:
6/7wt Echo Ion Fly Reel:
OPST Task Force Head 225 grain:
100′-15 pounds M-Maximum Catch Coated Running Line:
AirFlo 5′ Bonus Quick Sinking Leader:

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