Rod: Increase Level 8 wt. Reel and line are inexpensive; they’re from a St. Croix Rio Santo all-in-one pack.
I’m tossing a straight 15 pound leader, possibly 8 feet long. I do not go lower than 15 pound mono in the browse, due to the fact that if you nick some sand on your backcast, that fly is going to pop off on your very first fish. Fluorocarbon is more abrasion-resistant, so that ‘d be the perfect line to utilize as a leader. I constantly utilize mono though, since I have a big spindle of it and I think it’s more environment-friendly.
I began tossing a 6-7 inch hollow fleye. It kept getting hit, however the fish weren’t getting the entire thing in their mouths. I changed to a little crease fly. It got a great deal of appearances, however the fish were not persuaded and it didn’t provoke a single consume. I then connected on a browse sweet, which worked terrific. A bluefish bit that off, so I attempted a smaller sized hollow fleye, about 3 inches. That worked simply great. I had 2 stripers on the browse sweet, and one on the little hollow.
fishing on the east end of Long Island, NY.
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