Rod test for the Redington Dually 2 handed rods series.
The rod that has actually been utilized is a: 13′ 6″ # 8 weight.
The fly line is:
Rio I Flight skagit head 525 grains
Running line Rio grip shooter
The idea is a “medium” T11 Rio MOW suggestion
The fly is a steelhead double down leech.

The rod action is very progressive and simple to cast, with a small idea action this permits really exact and constant loops with the skagit systems and also narrow loops with longer stomach or scandi lines.
The rod ends up extremely heavy weights and is capable to cast seriously weighted flies, effectively providing them at any fishing depth.
It is a perfect series of rods to cover all the scenario in between trout fishing and winter season steelhead fishing.
The rod has distinct “classic eighties-nineties” cosmetics.
Includes rod bag and timeless Redington cordura tube, 4 pieces, typical cost, 260 euros or dollars or less.
Hope you like the really basic demontstrations with breeze t and double spey.