Fishing in an entirely new area is always an exciting experience.  You can choose to go  it alone or hire the services of a fishing guide.  There are quite a few reasons why you should strongly consider using a guide.Most guides live and fish in that specific location throughout the year.  Therefore, it would stand to reason that they would know the best places to catch fish.  If they were no good at what they did, they would quickly be out of business.  With this in mind, it is always a good idea to check for references when looking to hire the services of one.Hiring a fishing guide is strongly recommended if you are a novice angler.  Using improper techniques and casting methods will likely scare all of the fish away.  A guide is a professional who can impart some of his wisdom to you so you become a better angler and carry home a bigger catch.Fish in different areas also react differently to various lures.  Whatever you are used to using may not work for the particular location that you are fishing in.  A guide will know exactly what fly patterns and lures work best for the stream, river, or lake you are on.You probably don’t want to think about it, but it is entirely possible that something will go wrong while you are on your trip.  Rivers can be particularly dangerous especially if they have deep drop-offs and fast currents.  Fishing guides should be used to the different areas and keep you from getting hurt.  If something does go wrong, they are usually trained in basic first aid so they should be able to help out more than your untrained buddy could.If you are traveling to a location that is far from home, it could be very troublesome bringing your own equipment.  If you hire the services of a guide, you may not have to go through the trouble.  Many offer rental equipment, or at the very least know of a good tackle shop close by.It can really be bothersome to bring a boat along on your trip.  You will have to tow it behind your truck. Some areas may even be difficult to access.  And when you finally do get your boat on the water, something could go wrong with it and it may not even start.  It would be much better to use a guide’s boat and avoid the headaches.If you are thinking about fishing in an unknown location, you should strongly consider hiring someone to guide you along.  Fishing guides know the best places to increase your catch.  They will also provide you with tips and tricks which are especially useful if you are a novice angler.

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