This Spey Casting Video includes Single Spey Casting Guidelines

1) Point control toe throughout river towards Target.
2) Twist your body so the rest of you (whatever however your feet) is dealing with downstream, rod down, line tight on the dangle
3) Raise rod sluggish and smooth throughout your body (not downstream) in a shotgun lift- AllowNO Slack for here on out!
4) Start sweep by pressing with your bottom hand however for all useful functions sweep by untwisting your body. Keep your elbows in front of you. Repeat: Sweep by turning your body, not by swinging your arms.
5) Throughout the sweep turn relatively sluggish till you are passing your target at which time you put the bend in your rod by speeding up the sweep.
6) Sweep at the speed required to trigger your fly and anchor to land in front of you, simply upstream from your field of vision to the target.
7) Wander high with both hands after the sweep.
8) Forward cast need to be made at the time the line touches down. A little prior to if its your very first time with a long spey line.
9) Do not forget to pull with the bottom hand however utilize both hands in the forward cast.
10) Press off with your back foot and put your weight on your front foot as if entering the cast, lean forward and tighten up muscles in your and core.