Pat Kelly at Mad River Outfitters offers a thorough breakdown of the various kinds of fly fishing poppers, their usages and his favorites.

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The ‘Conventional’ Poppers:
Howitzer Baitfish Popper: howitzer-articulated-baitfish-popper. aspx
Double Barrel Baitfish Popper: surface-seaducer-double-barrel-baitfish-poppers. aspx
Double Barrel Popper: surface-seaducer-double-barrel-popper. aspx
Whitlock’s Hair Frog: whits-hair-frog. aspx
Boogle Popper Intense Frog: boogle-poppers. aspx
Boogle Popper Solar Flare: boogle-poppers. aspx

The ‘Tricky Pete’ Poppers:
Boogle Bullet Damsel Blue: boogle-bullets. aspx
Boogle Bullet White: boogle-bullets. aspx

The ‘Scuba diver’ Popper:
Umpqua Swimming Frog: swimming-frog-umpqua. aspx

Boogle Bug Poppers: boogle-bugs. aspx
Poppers Collection: bass-flies-poppers-petes-and-frogs. aspx
Surface Area and Scuba Divers Collection: largemouth-bass-flies-surface-and-divers. aspx

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