In this video Guide Jerome Saunders will reveal the single-handed and double-handed setups we utilize for moving brown trout in Ammarnäs.

If you need to know more about this trout fishing and what we provide you can inspect this link:

Single Hand setup in the video:
Rod: Vision Meri 9′ # 7
Reel: Vision Hero # 7-9
Support: 200 meters Dackspun 36 pound
Line: Vision Stillmaniac clear intermediate # 7
Leader: Vision Ace 9′ 0,34 mm (stated 0,36 mm in the video)
Tippet: Vision Prisma 0,33 mm

Double Hand setup in the video:
Rod: Vision XO 12′ 8 # 7
Reel: Vision Merisuola
Support: 300 meters Dackspun 36 pound/ 22.7 kg
Line: Vision Hybrid 23 g
Tapered Idea: Vision Hybrid 10 feet Clear Intermediate
Leader: Vision Ace 15′ 0.34 mm (stated 0,33 mm in the video)

The flies are called Muddlerzonker and are connected with squirrel skin and deer hair.
The hook we utilize is a double hook Ahrex HR440 Tube Double # 4.