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The travelers continue their journeys south through Tal’ Dorei, however the past comes requiring them all in really various methods …

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Video Game Master Aabria Iyengar
Aimee Carrero
Robbie Daymond
Ashley Johnson
Matthew Mercer
Liam O’Brien
Unique Visitor Anjali Bhimani

Initial Music by Omar Fadel and Hexany Audio
Main style by Colm R. McGuinness
Extra music by Universal Production Music and Upsurge Noise
Character art by Hannah Friederichs
Discolored glass art by Joanna Johnen
Opening Title by Christian Brown
Character Minis by Eldritch Foundry
Minis painted by Ian Phillips
GM Screen by Pet May

Due to the improv nature of RPG material on our channels, some styles and scenarios that happen in-game might be challenging for some to manage. If hearing conversations of specific episodes or scenes end up being unpleasant, we highly recommend taking a break or avoiding that specific episode.
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