The Jerry Bartlett Fishing Collection provides: Sporting Legends of the Catskills.Theodore Gordon (1854–1915) is typically called the “daddy of the American school of dry fly fishing.” He is referred to as the essential figure in the development and appeal of dry fly fishing in America, and the advancement of the “Catskill Design” of fly connecting. Join us for a discussion on among the most crucial figures in Catskills fly fishing history by Bert Darrow, President of the Theodore Gordon Flyfishers, Inc, previous president of the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum, long-term Director and past President of the Catskill Mountain Trout Unlimited, protector of cold water fisheries, ecological activist, well took a trip angler, certified guide and author. This occasion was streamed live from the Phoenicia Library on 7/26/21 and was enabled with funds from the Catskill Watershed Corporation in collaboration with New york city City DEP.