Fly Fishing for wild brown trout with banner fry flies on the River Calder in West Yorkshire, England. Fly of the day was minnow fry and white fry, which were fished on a drifting line with a 10 feet leader to a 5lb fluorocarbon tippet.

This part of the river Calder is a club water and is run by the Ryburn & Halifax Fishing Society: see the club site for more details.

74 FLY FISHING for Brown Trout – River Calder UK (c) MD Fly Fishing UK

I would generally pay around ₤30 – ₤40 for a day’s trout fishing, however ₤30 is all it costs for a season card or ₤ 5 for a day ticket to fish the Calder in this location.

Examine some great photos of the river Calder and its fish on Phillipaa Hake’s websites:

If you reside in West Yorkshire then check out the clubs site at: For loads of fish images of what comes out of the river check out the clubs Face book page @:

Gopro 5:

Undersea recording done on a AKASO 7000 1080 p – 4k action webcam.

Place: Copley, Halifax, West Yorkshire. Google maps area: …

Air Image: …

See loads more fly fishing videos @

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