Fishing Naked is a modern-day funny loaded with tricks and romantic entanglements. When a series of Bigfoot scams leaves hand, hormonal agents and hilarity take place. 2 fly angler friends, David and Rodney (Golden’s Bronson Pelletier and TELEVISION pinup Evan Williams), merely wish to frighten travelers far from their picturesque fly-fishing paradise. They stumble upon 2 stunning trust-fund chicks (Elyse Levesque from Stargate Universe and Golden’s Tinsel Korey) and the 4 of them move the gags to the next level. From Bigfoot matches and YouTube tricks to a huge phony UFO, their scams begin to get seen and undesirable attention quickly increases. As TELEVISION teams, the FBI, and even an extraterrestrial visitor descend upon their beautiful mountain neighborhood, these pranksters fast to react– they all get stoned. The cast is completed by loveably stoic Granny Ottertale (Northern Direct exposure’s Elaine Miles) and her constable sweetheart (Steve Reevis, Fargo).