Welcome to sequel of the Manic Guide To Spey, where Chris Dore provides you all of the info needed to debunk the spey/ 2 handed methods, and after that all of the tools to go out there and begin discovering how to spey fly fish by yourself.

In part 2 Chris covers off spey casts, how to rearrange your fly line, the very important 180 degree guideline, fixing, and fishing the swing to complete effect.If you’re brand-new to spey fishing then this is a one stop store to get you up to speed, so leap in and get schooled up.

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00: 00 – Introduction
00: 37 – The Overhead Cast
01: 09 – The Roll Cast
03: 03 – The Spey Cast
03: 35 – The Circle Spey Cast
06: 00 – The Double Spey Cast
07: 04 – Line Management
08: 27 – The Swing
09: 56 – Mending
11: 36 – Setting The Hook
13: 15 – Now Fish

The Manic Guide To Spey – Part One: How To Establish For 2 Handed Fly Fishing

Manic Introduction To Spey Fishing Blog Site Series

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