This video intends to highlight the base line principles of Banner fishing with a Fishing pole.

Is line control – by putting the fly line instantly under the fore fingers of the rod hand, you develop a closed system with all line management taking place “in the background”, therefore decreasing space for mistakes and absence of control when a fish strikes.

Second is the position of your rod pointer when banner fishing. When a rod suggestion is high above the water, and similarly when a rod pointer is not inline with your fly line (laterally) slack is presented into the system lowering the efficiency of your hook setting capacity. By constantly keeping a low rod idea, and chasing your line laterally with your rod, you lessen the slack within the system and will lead to more level of sensitivity and much better attach!

Third is obtains: both the Strip and Jerk Strip. The Appeal of the Strip recover is that it is without a doubt the most basic and likewise puts the angler in the very best position to set the hook (both Strip Setting, and Rod Sweeping). The Jerk Strip is a more complicated motion yet by transitioning from Line to Rod suggestion as the source of the motion it typically leads to a Fly with more life and subtlety imparted into it. The Jerk Strip nevertheless is much better matched for close quarters scenarios as the Rod is the main motorist for setting the hook.

We look at the combating mechanics of a fly rod, and utilizing the rod butt to develop the optimum take advantage of when battling a fish. Positioning the tension in the rod from Cork to Pointer, and getting the fish to the web as rapidly as possible!

Equipment Utilized
Rod: St. Croix Mojo Bass Fly 8wt –
Line: Rio’s Outbound Short Sink 3
Reel: Bass Pro Burglar Reel

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