Wilderness TELEVISION go out to see Simon Kidd from Snowbee and go through how to establish your fly fishing line. We take a look at linking your support line to your reel with a arbour knot, connecting the support line to the fly line and after that connecting the leader, droppers and flies utilizing Water knots, Tucked Blood knots and JB knot. All intended to assist you go out on the water fishing. This is the very first of numerous “How To” fly fishing movies we are assembling for Snowbee UK. If there is something you want to understand about fly fishing please let us understand and we will attempt and get a movie together.
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This movie takes a look at connecting the support line to the reel, connecting the support line to the fly line and after that how to connect a tippet. Fly Fishing How To.
How to connect the fly fishing line to the support.