The factors to scale down are easy: Precision, Consistency, and Self-confidence. I ‘d rather have a smaller sized fly in a high efficiency zone every cast than ride the battle bus of getting a beast fly to my target …

Scaling down to a modest musky fly (7-9″ Songs) connected sparsely will keep your flies in the fishiest water and get rid of the psychological tiredness of casting, and the disappointment of bad outcomes.

Certainly there is a time and location for the most significant of flies, I do not believe there is a fly too huge for a Musky – however for newbies and men simply entering tossing huge flies, there is no warranty you’ll be rewarded for your efforts, just that you’ll be annoyed.

Down size, keep your fly damp, and trust the system. It’ll keep your spirits high and at the end of the day, likely put more fish in the boat than anything else!