The cruncher is among my go to patterns on any day, and this one is my preferred.

I primarily fish these either on a cleaning line (15 feet leader – 5 feet apart) or straight lining them with the very same spacing. I tend to fish 10’s and 12’s on larger stillwaters, and 12’s and 14’s on smaller sized waters.

Hook – Fario Ultimate Wet Fly Barbless Black Nickel size 10
Thread – Uni 8/0 Black
Tail – Black Dick fibers
Body/ Rib – Stripped Peacock Quill in Natural and UTC Pearl Tinsel – Ice Blue
Thorax – Troutline Hare Plus Dubbing – Pearl Purple
Hackle – Black Hen plume
Wing Buds/ Eyes – Jungle Dick

Get these in your box, and prepare yourself for savage takes!