Under hand casting that I gained from my master this summer season.
Today I fished in Shinshu Saigawa, River Sai with my own hand construct custom-made bamboo rod.( Hollow construct, Entwine joint)
The Sai River was turbid and flooded for about a month due to heavy rain, so I could not fish here about 1 month, however the water lastly ended up being tidy.
The water level was low, however the circulation speed was quickly.
I could not capture anything throughout the day. The fish lastly was available in a familiar location. It was 10 to 6 pm.
The condition of the fish was great and it was an actually terrific battle.
I hope you take pleasure in fly fishing video in Japan with symphonic music.
I am eagerly anticipating seeing you all in Japan sooner or later once again.
At the end of the sentence, Unique thanks to,
LOOP Sweden & LOOP Scotland,
Fujino line, Japan.
My coach Pro store Char, Saitama, Japan.
Piano, Akiko Sasaki san.

Rod. Maki Caenis,812 H.S. design Cherry Salmon.
Hollow construct, Entwine joint, 12 feet 8weight.
Reel. LOOP Timeless. Year of Atlantic Salmon, 7-9.
Line. Scientific Anglers. Japan Custom-made.
OH & D (Over head and D) EVO S1/ S2.
Leader. Fujino line, Cherry Salmon unique.14 feet 2x.
( cut butt area -2 feet = 12 feet)
Fly. Fantastic Sedge damp. Developed by Mr. Ken Sawada. (Single hook)
Area. River Sai, Nagano, Japan. (Open complete season, Catch & Release just)
Fish size. Roughly 56 cm. 22 inches.
Time & Date, P.M. 5:50 September 25.2021

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