Spey fishing for trout with skagit lines, aka trout spey or micro skagit, is ending up being popular in New Zealand. Simon Hoole discusses what trout spey is and what you require to start casting skagit lines and swinging banners for trout.

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00: 00 How did you begin fly fishing?
00: 48 What is your preferred technique?
00: 57 What is trout spey?
01: 11 What is the trout spey setup?
01: 34 What are your preferred elements of it?
02: 00 What are the benefits?
02: 24 What are the takes like?
02: 51 What equipment do you require for trout spey?
03: 11 What are skagit lines?
03: 42 What rod do you require for trout spey?
04: 18 What skagit line do I require for trout spey?
04: 41 What kinds of water can you fish with trout spey?
05: 28 What flies do you utilize for trout spey?
06: 14 What suggestion and leader do you utilize with your skagit line?
07: 28 What is a lot enjoyable about trout spey?
08: 12 What is the crucial to casting with skagit lines?
08: 34 What’s your suggestions for those beginning?

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