Hey Guys,

I had a remarkable chance to head down to Mexico and fish Lake Picachos with Nomadic Waters Expeditions and wished to seize the day to movie a Banner Fly Fishing Master Class.

This video is everything about the 2 Hand Obtain and Setting the Hook with the Fly Lines (Strip Set). The 2 Hand Retrieve is sensational method to work a fly. It can be done both fast/slow, consistent/erratic, or shallow/deep. It is most appropriate in straight like cast/ straight line recover circumstance (no mending) and when working a fly at some range, typically more than 20 feet away (30 feet to 100 feet plus).

The obtain put the angler in the very best possible position to set the hook, by driving the hook house with a tough pull on the fly line itself – not utilizing the rod. This direct connection to the fly removes all slack, keeps the fly in the water in case the fish misses out on the fly, ensures the very best possible hook set, and enables you to get any slack quick upon hooking the fish.

Keep in mind: there is no rush to get the fish on the rod! Big wheel put sufficient resistance on the line its simple to change hands, smaller sized fish: simply hand line them all the method in.

Hope you delight in

– Gunnar
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