The Baetis Maximus is a tiny little Baetis Nymph with an extended body. The extended body is made by using Maxima Chameleon. This little fly does look tricky, but once you master a couple….it is actually pretty simple. The Baetis Maximus does not have to be tiny (like the #22 we tied in the video). The Baetis Maximus can be tied in larger sizes like #16 and #18, and in other colors too. A fun little fly to tie, and a very good way to get a realistic extended body on such a small fly!!

Baetis Maximus Fly Tying Recipe:
(Materials be purchased below from Charlie’s Fly Box)

Hook: #16-22 Daiichi 1120 or TMC 2487

Thread: Black Veevus 14/0

Veevus 14/0 Thread

Body: 8LB Maxima Chameleon

Maxima Leader Material

Tail: Dun Mayfly Tails

Mayfly Tails

Legs: Brown Z-Lon

Casing: Black Thinskin

Thorax: BWO Superfine Dubbing

Superfine Dubbing

Glue: Thin Loon UV Fly Finish or Solarez

Solarez Ultra Thin Bone Dry UV Resin


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