The Puff Pastry is a great little shrimp pattern developed by Ken Morrish. Best when tied sparse, the Puff Pastry will fool even the spookiest of Bonefish. The Puff Pastry is best tied in Tan colors, but can be tied in Olive and White as well. Getting the weight right is key. Adjust the type of eyes for the conditions you will be fishing. Heavier for deeper water and lighter for shallow flats.

Puff Pastry Fly Tying Recipe:
(Materials can be purchased below from Charlie’s Fly Box)

Hook: #02-06 Daiichi 2456

Thread: White Veevus 6/0

Eyes: Medium Black Lead or Brass Eyes

Lead Eyes, Plain

Legs: Small Orange Centipede Legs or Fine Rubberlegs

Rubber Legs

Mouth: White Deer Belly or Bleached Elk

Deer Belly Hair

Head: Red UV Ice Dub

Ice Dub

Body: Pearl Krystal Flash

Krystal Flash

Wing: Tan Craft Fur

Craft Fur


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