A 7 Minute Spey Fishing Lesson for Beginners

Brendan chooses to take the journey into discovering how to Spey Fish with Dustin from Nicholas Dean Outdoors in Terrace BC.

ABC’s of Spey Casting with Steve Rajeff – Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters

http://www.lelandfly.com/Leland-Fly-Rods/British-Columbia/Steve Rajeff, rod designer for G. Loomissupplies a fast introduction of the 3 most popular Spey Rods and casting designs.

The Manic Guide To Spey – Part One: How To Establish For 2 Handed Fly Fishing

Welcome to the Manic Guide To Spey provided by Chris Dore.This is part among a 2 part series in which our objective is to offer you an understanding of the essentials around spey/ skagit equipment and strategies while keeping it as easy as possible.By the end of both...